Don’t Teach My People to Fly to Save Their Souls
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The analogy is, that God’s Word is our strong wall of truth, and false teachers have whitewashed that truth with lies based on the illusion of peace in the rapture to make you feel safe. Now, the sin that these preachers commit is, when an area of doctrinal weakness is discovered around the wall of the Christian mind, instead of them spiritually rushing to that area of deception to tear down the lie by teaching the truth, they allow the lie to stand. In fact, they become co-conspirators to the falsehood because they foolishly whitewash the truth in ignorance so that no one can see the deception. And gullible Christians find out after the fact the whole thing was a sham. This whitewashing of the truth, that is recorded in the Old Testament, is a very real danger that the New Testament Christian must guard against today. We are warned by Paul in the book of Acts.

Acts 23:2-3-And the high priest Ananias commanded them that stood by him to smite him on the mouth. Then said Paul unto him, God shall smite thee, thou whited wall: for sittest thou to judge me after the law, and commandest me to be smitten contrary to the law?

The words ‘whited’ in Greek means, "by analogy lime, to whitewash." (Strong’s #2867)

All Christians that teach against falsehood can expect this type of hostile reaction which Paul received from the religious community because false teaching like a security blanket cover those who are deceived with an illusion of peace and safety that is not biblical. The great challenge for all Christians is to understand that no one is beyond reproach when it comes to whitewashing the truth in ignorance. The biblical standard for teaching falsely does not require that the lie to be told intentionally. A false teacher, by God’s definition, can also apply to the person who innocently teaches in error of the scripture. Either way, the lie is told and Christians are deceived.

The word ‘false’ in Greek means, "propagator of erroneous Christian doctrine." (Strong’s #5572)

The word ‘erroneous defined by Webster’s Dictionary means, "based on error; mistake; wrong."

The word ‘error’ defined by Webster’s Dictionary means, "the state of believing what is untrue, incorrect, or wrong, something incorrectly done through ignorance."

So you see, even good men and women who teach God’s word can make this innocent error in doctrine. This is the reason why Jesus told us to become fruit inspectors and test doctrinally what we are taught (Matthew 7:15-20). The sin for believing lies will ultimately be your burden to carry. I assure you, your pastor will not be able stand in your defense when you are judged on that day. He will have his own problems to deal with if he or she continues to teach falsely.

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