Donít Teach My People to Fly to Save Their Souls
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I donít know about you, but to me, this way of thinking makes the church seem like cowards running from the devil. Why does the church feel that it has to run from a defeated foe? I thought Jesus gave us power over all of our enemies? (Luke 10:19) Before we conclude this study, two questions concerning the rapture will be answered: When did the rapture theory come into existence, and who is responsible for this evil revelation? For the answers to those questions, I will document from excerpts of the book: "THE INCREDIBLE COVER-UP", by DAVE MACPHERSON.

"We have seen that a young Scottish lassie named Margaret Macdonald had a private revelation in Port Glasgow, Scotland, in the early part of 1830 that a select group of Christians would be caught up to meet Christ in the air before the days of Antichrist. An eye-and ear-witness, Robert Norton, M.D., preserved her handwritten account of her pre-trib-rapture revelation in two of his books, and said it was the first time anyone ever split the second coming into two distinct parts, or stages. His writings, along with much other Catholic Apostolic Church literature, have been hidden many decades from the mainstream of evangelical thought and only recently have surfaced."

"Margaretís views were well-known to those who visited her home, among them, John Darby of the Brethren. Within a few months, her distinctive prophetic outlook was mirrored in the September 1830, issue of The Morning Watch and the early Brethren assembly at Plymouth, England. Early disciples of the pre-trib interpretation often called it a new doctrine. Setting dates for Christís return was a common practice at that time. Divisiveness and rivalry among different denominations kept valuable knowledge hidden which would have benefitted everyone. (This continuing spirit of division seriously hampers a united effort today on the part of all true believers to reach for Christ in an almost completely heathen world!)"

"Following my discovery of Nortonís book in an Illinois bookstore in 1971, and before our trip to Great Britain, I corresponded with a number of top scholars, sharing excerpts from the book and asking their reactions. (These men are evangelical leaders and their names are as familiar to Christians as Coca- Cola is around the globe.)"

"A Missouri seminary president wrote back: ĎIt really is a most interesting historical fact to observe that the pre-tribulation rapture originated in this astonishing way."

"An Oregon Bible teacher wrote: You will be interested to know that many years ago I had dinner in Seattle with a then middle-aged couple who were members of the Catholic Apostolic Church (Irvingite sect). At that time I believed in pre-tribism and told them so. They asked me where I got the doctrine. I told them from the Bible. They said, No, you didnít and went on to tell me how it was not in the Bible but revealed to their church through one of their prophetesses around the middle of the 19th century."

"A Kentucky seminary professor who is also a noted author said this in reply: ĎOn Biblical and historical grounds I had traced the ideal of a pre-tribulation rapture to J. N. Darby about the year 1830, but I did not know about Margaret Macdonald Thanks so very much for helping me on this point. It is good to have theological detectives of your type who will trace things down." 

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