Will All Christians Be Clothes In Fine Linen?
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1 Corinthians 3:13-15-But there is going to come a time of testing at the judgment day to see what kind of work each builder has done. Everyoneís work will be put through the fire to see whether or not it keeps its value. If the work survives the fire, that builder will receive a reward. But if the work is burned up, the builder will suffer great loss. The builders themselves will be saved, but like someone escaping through a wall of flames.

(Reference from Todayís Parallel Bible: New Living Translation).

This scriptural picture of some Christians escaping through a wall of fire is not a picture of a victorious one. Yes, they will be saved. The reality is, by the time they pass through this wall of fire, they will not have enough righteous acts to weave a tiny winy bikini and thus they will be naked and ashamed spiritually speaking. These are not my words friend, but the words of God. Read in it for yourself (Revelation 16:15). According to the scripture, the only way that a Christian can build good works worthy of spiritual fabric is on the foundation of Jesus Christ. This is the reason why the apostle Paul warned us in the scripture below to beware of the other foundation.

1 Corinthians 3:9-12-For we are labourers together with God: ye are Godís husbandry, ye are Godís building. According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble.

The word Ďheedí in Greek means, "to beware." (Strongís #991)

These six things, Gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble, are all perishable, and it represents the idol worship of the foundation that the false religion is built upon (Revelation 9:20-21 & Deuteronomy 29:16-17). Why do I say this? The graven image that many Christians worship today is not made of gold or silver as in Israelís day, but is forged out of lies that is based on false teaching (Jeremiah 10:14-16 - Jeremiah 51:17 - Exodus 20:4-6). This should be a stern warning to those Christians, who like to build lie upon lie in their so-called worship service then call it holy. My question is, Why would the apostle Paul warn us to beware of the other foundation, if there is not a duality written in the scripture? The prophet Jeremiah understood this duality and he tried to warn the nation of Israel in the Old Testament. The voice of the prophetís warning is still heard in the pages of Godís Word, I hope Christians unlike Israel will finally listen to Jeremiah.

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